Выпущен phpBB 3.0.12

С радостью сообщаем Вам о выпуске phpBB 3.0.12 с кодовым названием: "Richard 'Dicky' Foote". Эта версия полностью посвящена исправлению ошибок и не содержит новых функциональных возможностей.

Вот краткий список изменений:

  • Обновлён список ботов
  • Улучшена совместимость с последними версиями PHP
  • Добавлена поддержка полнотекстового поиска MySQL для таблиц типа InnoDB для тех версий MySQL, которые обеспечивают данную функциональность
  • Усовершенствована лексема LOCAL_URL
  • Модераторы больше не пользуются привилегией отправления сообщений без одобрения, соответствующее право доступа "Может размещать сообщения без одобрения".
  • Добавлено ограничение на длину паролей для экономии ресурсов при их проверке на сервере

Настоятельно рекомендуем Вам обновить свой форум до версии 3.0.12, чтобы Вы могли воспользоваться всеми новыми возможностями системы.

Скачать русифицированный phpBB 3.0.12 и пакеты обновлений Вы можете в специальном разделе на нашем сайте.


Список изменений с версии 3.0.11:

[PHPBB3-6723] - Empty message in deleted messages in PM history
[PHPBB3-7262] - Clarify docs about is_dynamic not being updated by set_config()
[PHPBB3-8319] - LOCAL_URL not enforced in bbcodes
[PHPBB3-9551] - Mysql fulltext index creation fails due to partial collation change
[PHPBB3-9975] - Hard coded language in sessions.php
[PHPBB3-10184] - Bots can be sent private messages
[PHPBB3-10491] - Fatal error in functional tests when server returns 404
[PHPBB3-10568] - Modify the trigger language when you edit a PM
[PHPBB3-10602] - A bug in mail queue processing
[PHPBB3-10661] - UCP > PM > Compose > enumerated recipients > BCC group misses a   (prosilver)
[PHPBB3-10678] - Provide Firebird, Oracle, and increased MSSQL support in unit tests
[PHPBB3-10772] - trigger_error is using the default style
[PHPBB3-10789] - PM print template (prosilver) with unnecessary variables
[PHPBB3-10820] - Display images directly in IE9 and 10 instead of download
[PHPBB3-10828] - PostgreSQL dbal tests try to connect to the database named as user specified in configuration
[PHPBB3-10838] - Functional tests are not mentioned in RUNNING_TESTS.txt
[PHPBB3-10840] - If you add a member to a group, the form_token can be set to 0 if the creation_time is 0 too. Maybe even if creation_time is unchanged.
[PHPBB3-10848] - Wrong redirect to installer from acp
[PHPBB3-10850] - create_schema_files.php is not creating the oracle or postgres' schema file properly
[PHPBB3-10879] - prosilver: attachment-link will be displayed wrong, when filename is too long
[PHPBB3-10880] - m_approve should not imply f_noapprove
[PHPBB3-10896] - board_email & board_contact are not validated as email addresses in ACP
[PHPBB3-10897] - Bot Definitions are outdated
[PHPBB3-10918] - docs/./../support/documents.php?mode=install&version=3 claims there are tar.gz packages
[PHPBB3-10943] - Search Box should display keywords entered by the user
[PHPBB3-10967] - PHPBB_USE_BOARD_URL_PATH not implemented in posting_gen_topic_icons
[PHPBB3-10986] - Invalid email message ids because config variable server_name is used even when force server URL settings is disabled
[PHPBB3-10995] - Return value of $db->sql_fetchrow() on empty tables is not consistent on mssqlnative
[PHPBB3-10996] - Travis tests fail on Postgres because database does not exist
[PHPBB3-11034] - The functional test case framework does not install a full board each time
[PHPBB3-11066] - MSSQLnative driver contains debug code error_reporting(E_ALL)
[PHPBB3-11069] - missing closing span in subsilver2 simple_footer.html
[PHPBB3-11081] - Duplicated /TD in styles/subsilver2/template/catpcha_qa.html
[PHPBB3-11093] - acp_users_overview.html has a wrongly placed
[PHPBB3-11094] - prosilver: searching for users: no textbox for Jabber
[PHPBB3-11105] - Missing mandatory space in meta http-equiv=refresh
[PHPBB3-11112] - phpBB Footer Link should be SSL
[PHPBB3-11122] - Update docs/AUTHORS for 3.0.12-RC1
[PHPBB3-11144] - {FORUM_NAME} is not filled in login mask when logging into a password protected forum
[PHPBB3-11145] - ATTACHED_IMAGE_NOT_IMAGE thrown because of file limit in php.ini
[PHPBB3-11158] - modules table lacks acl_u_sig for signature module
[PHPBB3-11159] - Coding guidelines: static public
[PHPBB3-11164] - Composer not finding symfony/config in PHP 5.3.3
[PHPBB3-11178] - database_update.php should not set error_reporting to E_ALL
[PHPBB3-11186] - Database unit tests fail on windows using sqlite2
[PHPBB3-11190] - Functional tests do not clear the cache between each test
[PHPBB3-11196] - /includes/session.php sends 401 HTTP status with "Not authorized" instead of "Unauthorized"
[PHPBB3-11219] - Database sequences are not updated for tests using fixtures with auto_incremented columns
[PHPBB3-11227] - @return void -> @return null
[PHPBB3-11233] - Anonymous can be selected as a PM recipient
[PHPBB3-11248] - CRLF line endings
[PHPBB3-11262] - .lock files are not in .gitignore
[PHPBB3-11265] - Functional tests do not assert that board installation succeeded
[PHPBB3-11269] - Travis functional test case errors
[PHPBB3-11278] - Firebird tables are not removed correctly on 3.0.9-rc1 update
[PHPBB3-11291] - "Could not open input file: ../composer.phar" error during phing's create-package
[PHPBB3-11292] - Newlines removed in display of PM reports, no clickable links in PM reports
[PHPBB3-11301] - "String offset cast occured" error on PHP 5.4
[PHPBB3-11304] - check_form_key breaks in tests when form is submitted in the same second it is retrieved
[PHPBB3-11343] - Loose string comparison during new password activation
[PHPBB3-11355] - Incorrect error message when no user selected for action on group membership management page
[PHPBB3-11358] - Success message even withot selecting a user and performing a group operation
[PHPBB3-11361] - "Array to string conversion" error in $user->format_date()
[PHPBB3-11493] - Functional tests should fail if any debug output is made
[PHPBB3-11517] - Numbering is wrong in coding guidelines
[PHPBB3-11536] - Installer incorrectly removes /install from script_path
[PHPBB3-11537] - UCP group manage page's error box differs heavily from the rest of the UCP
[PHPBB3-11538] - SQL error on UCP groups manage page caused by setting color to 7 characters long string
[PHPBB3-11544] - Add admin_login() to 3.0 functional test case
[PHPBB3-11545] - is_absolute() should not depend on DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
[PHPBB3-11546] - is_absolute() throws E_NOTICE for empty string
[PHPBB3-11547] - Test fixtures do not support utf8 characters
[PHPBB3-11548] - Untranslated TOO_SHORT in UCP "Manage Groups"
[PHPBB3-11566] - Reporting a post should require a captcha to be solved by guests
[PHPBB3-11568] - Functional tests fail with retrieving install pages using file_get_contents
[PHPBB3-11575] - phpbb_dbal_order_lower_test::test_cross_join should be called test_order_lower
[PHPBB3-11578] - Missing underscore after function prefix in validate_data()
[PHPBB3-11579] - Add unit tests for validate_data()
[PHPBB3-11580] - Avoid API Limit from composer downloads on github
[PHPBB3-11588] - install/install_update.php should use version.phpbb.com instead of www
[PHPBB3-11590] - Close database connections from tests whenever possible
[PHPBB3-11601] - Allow manual resync of database columns in unit tests not only on fixture load
[PHPBB3-11603] - git-tools use invalid api urls
[PHPBB3-11604] - Functional tests fail when phpBB can not create the config file
[PHPBB3-11617] - Missing U_ACTION in acp_captcha.php
[PHPBB3-11618] - Template tests fail on some systems due to a PHP error in glob()
[PHPBB3-11619] - get_remote_file() should use HTTP 1.0
[PHPBB3-11630] - Improvements to the PHP lint pre-commit hook
[PHPBB3-11644] - Skip phpbb_dbal_order_lower_test on MySQL 5.6
[PHPBB3-11662] - "occured" should be "occurred"
[PHPBB3-11670] - Replace trademark ™ with ® on "Welcome to phpBB" install page
[PHPBB3-11674] - Do not include vendor folder if there are no dependencies.
[PHPBB3-11524] - MySQL Upgrader throws warnings on PHP 5.4
[PHPBB3-11720] - Reporting posts leads to white page error
[PHPBB3-11769] - Wrong poster in subscription email when poster is using the Quote button
[PHPBB3-11775] - Error while moving posts to a new topic
[PHPBB3-11802] - Undefined variable $browser in /download/file.php

[PHPBB3-8743] - New topic / reply notifications do not contain author's name.
[PHPBB3-10050] - subsilver2: Do not show "Mark topics as read" when there are no topics
[PHPBB3-10205] - More informative reporting of errors when database connection fails (MySQL and others)
[PHPBB3-10716] - PHP-parse all php files as part of the test suite
[PHPBB3-10841] - Disable style and language selectors if there's only one installed.
[PHPBB3-10854] - sql server drop default constraint when dropping column
[PHPBB3-10865] - Updated and Added to docs/./../support/documents.php?mode=install&version=3
[PHPBB3-10873] - Change language entry for deleted PMs
[PHPBB3-10981] - Upgrade Goutte and use Composer for Installation
[PHPBB3-11131] - Phrasing & semantics of Board settings
[PHPBB3-11162] - Get rid of $db->sql_return_on_error(true) trickery when splitting/merging topics
[PHPBB3-11192] - Add Tebibyte to get_formatted_filesize()
[PHPBB3-11202] - Add response status checks to functional tests
[PHPBB3-11220] - Improve tooltip explaining the [list=] - BBcode
[PHPBB3-11238] - Specify goutte version
[PHPBB3-11285] - Use more granularity in dependency checks in compress test
[PHPBB3-11293] - Prefer mysqli over mysql due to php 5.5 alpha 2 deprecating mysql
[PHPBB3-11294] - Update extension list in running tests doc
[PHPBB3-11368] - Latest pm reports row count
[PHPBB3-11583] - InnoDB supports FULLTEXT index since MySQL 5.6.4.
[PHPBB3-11740] - Update link in FAQ to Ideas Centre
[PHPBB3-11873] - Prevent expensive hash computation in phpbb_check_hash() by rejecting very long passwords

[PHPBB3-10974] - Move tests/mock_user.php to tests/mock/user.php
[PHPBB3-11009] - Backport phing build.xml from develop to develop-olympus so it uses composer.
[PHPBB3-11540] - Add unit tests for (phpbb_)is_absolute()
[PHPBB3-11541] - Add unit tests for style_select() in functions.php
[PHPBB3-11542] - Add unit tests for language_select() in functions.php
[PHPBB3-11543] - Add unit tests for obtain online functions in functions.php

[PHPBB3-10877] - Have bamboo generate and publish a phpBB package for every build.
[PHPBB3-11045] - Add unit tests for the compress class
[PHPBB3-11059] - Fix README logo
[PHPBB3-11060] - Fix travis.yml pyrus config
[PHPBB3-11240] - Turn on PHPUnit's verbose mode on Travis
[PHPBB3-11324] - Add PHP 5.5 environment on Travis-CI
[PHPBB3-11337] - Run functional tests on Travis CI
[PHPBB3-11513] - Install PHPUnit via Composer's require-dev to simplify test running (no need for pear)
[PHPBB3-11526] - Increase composer minimum-stability from beta to stable
[PHPBB3-11527] - Upgrade composer.phar to 1.0.0-alpha7
[PHPBB3-11529] - Rename RUNNING_TESTS file to .md file to render it on GitHub
[PHPBB3-11576] - Make phpBB Test Suite MySQL behave at least as strict as phpBB MySQL driver
[PHPBB3-11671] - Add phing/phing to composer.json
[PHPBB3-11752] - Update phpBB.com URLs to https in email templates
[PHPBB3-11753] - Upgrade mysql_upgrader.php schema data.

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